Executive Jet

Through the years we have brought top artists, internationally known performers, Blockbuster moviestars, Government officials, Royals, CEO's of large international companies, French LIGUE1 football teams, prestige automobile corporations and many others safely to their destinations all around the world.

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Air ambulance

All around the world people are frequently exposed to minor or even life-threatening injuries. JoinJet provides rescue and safe return for injured people every year with state-of-the-art medical equipment on board.

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Corporate Shuttle

A corporate shuttle is the fast, secure, and reliable answer, avoiding the uncertainties and headaches of scheduled travel. Get your people where they need to be – without delays. Tailoring your corporate travel to your requirements means flexibility for you and your team to work while travelling.


A business jet is a business tool. Make it work for your entire organisation.  

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Band on Tour

Let JoinJet take you to your gig – On Time, Every Time. Over the years JoinJet has earned the respect from many top artists, and no matter if it is just one leg or a full tour, you will get the best service and support from our team.

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Sports Clubs

Save hours of time by flying with JoinJet when you are playing a match abroad. Arrive at an airport convenient for your match - we fly on your command. We will be ready for you at the airport, when the player bus arrives after the match. We offer you a faster home return bypassing exhausting stays in airports and long waiting hours in connection with transfer flights.


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On time, on target, your way

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