Global Medical Air Crew

Eurami Certified

Joinjet medical crew, Global Medical Air Crew (GMAC), are Eurami accredited with Joinjet as aircraft provider.


Best Medical Care in The Air

The GMAC team are experienced anesthesiologists with extended knowledge of intensive care covering all subspecialties, including Pediatric-, Cardio- and Neuro-intensive care. The doctors have full time positions in university clinics.


Our medical team always evaluate each patient before transport, ensuring the patient will be met by a specialist with a comprehensive knowledge of the individual patient and situation requirements.

The team have nearly two decades of experience in air ambulance repatriation and they always consist of a doctor and a specialist nurse anesthetists.


With the certification, accredited standards of business practice are followed, as well as the high standards of integrity, honesty, transparency and ethical business practices that are the cornerstones for providing outstanding services during aeromedical transports.


We will give you the best medical care in the air.

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